It would be around 4:30 in the afternoon, and we would go for long walks all along the oak lined dirt road, past the herd of cows on their way to be milked, always a little scared, they had horns you know !!

Often huge clouds building up in the sky, tall big voluminous stacks of white marshmallow abstract statues just hanging there, the pure blue heavens above us and the green fields stretched out full of promise for a full new year, food for the sheep and cows, the wheat fields already tall enough to make green waves in the wind down the valley and into the fields, black long tailed finches flapping around their elegant long tails following their fluttering winged bodies in bopping swoop-swoops. And in the background wonderful sandstone mountains.

Tall poplar trees jutting up into the sky all over the landscape. On our way back home inspecting the red prickly pear plants hoping we could lop off some ripe ones and eat them right there and then, faces covered in their magenta juice, and then onto play silly buggers on the roof of the pigsty, sending the poor animals running around in a frenzied panic.

Running a race, down the valley and into the mud dam into the muddy water freezing our butts off, not a care in the world.Then up into the apricot trees, hoping for some green fruit to eat just to pull our faces at the tartness of the baby green fruit.

I miss you today for all the freedom we had then, climbing into the attic of the horse stables and taking for granted this beautiful view.

I miss you so much today cause many a dream was born there that I still live today, the heady smell of wisteria in full bloom, covering the front of our old farm house as we approach the house on our walk back, and straight into my mom’s vegetable garden to water newly planted seedlings with an old metal watering can drowning half of them and my mother shouting instructions at us, still not a care in the world.

I miss you today cause you gave me love, you gave me hope, you gave me freedom to dream about so much that I know and still love today. You gave me wings, for real.

Title: Populibos


Size 56cm H x 35cm W

handblown glass sculpture